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Denver Area Garge Floor Installation

Garage floors can really take a beating. Many metro Denver homeowners park SUVs and other heavy vehicles in their garages. Others use their garages as makeshift storage units, piling sections of their garage floors high with old furniture, appliances, and other materials.

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to repair, resurface, or remove and replace garage floors in the metro Denver area.

  • Has the concrete settled in some places?
  • Are there large cracks or cracks in multiple places?
  • Is the damage on the surface level only, like pockmarking or crumbling?

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If the concrete slabs in your garage floor were installed without a proper sub-base, shifting soils and water drainage issues may cause problems like cracks and settling. Large vehicles, storage boxes, and other materials that are extremely heavy or placed unevenly on concrete slabs can also lead to cracking or settling. Poor quality materials or workmanship can lead to cracks or surface issues.

Most garage floor repairs, resurfacing and replacements can be done quickly and with minimal disruption to your home and landscape. If you would like the look of your garage floor to be something other than gray, we can stamp or stain your garage floor to replicate the appearance and color of natural stone or brick.

If the garage floor of your metro Denver home is damaged or settling, give Stone & Concrete a call today at 303-287-0889 for a free estimate. We will assess the situation and let you know whether it is best to repair, resurface or replace your garage floor.

If a new garage floor is needed, Stone & Concrete’s professional crews will remove the old concrete slabs and properly prepare and compact the sub-base to prevent your new garage floor from settling or cracking. We typically use rebar to strengthen concrete slabs and recommend letting the concrete cure, a chemical process that strengthens and hardens the concrete, before parking vehicles or placing other materials on it.

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Sandra Murray

“Stone & Concrete helped me make a dream come true!  I had a landscape makeover in 2011 and so wanted to have my driveway redone. In June, I had Stone & Concrete come out, give me a bid, and was confident in their company and credentials from their website. It was such a wonderful experience. I decided to spend the extra money to have them pour color – a beautiful Redwood. They even built me a ledge to put my trash cans on. Their crew was so hardworking and expert tradesmen. I am so very happy with the outcome!”

Josh Bucur

“Job Well Done! Only needed a section of driveway removed and replaced and these guys did fantastic work! Very professional, fair price, and most importantly great quality. No issues with communication throughout the experience. I definitely would recommend this company.”

Matthias R. Moore

“Always a pleasure to work with these folks.”

Happy Customer

“For years, we had an uneven sidewalk and were afraid that someone would trip, possibly hurting themselves. Stone and Concrete completed the job in 1 day. The finished product is amazing! Thank you.”

Steve Monahan

“These guys did a great job fixing an untimely mess. They worked great with my wife while I was out of town during some really cold wx in October. Not only did they have great customer service but they were by far the best price.”

Thomas Asuto

“Used these guys to replace my patio most people don’t know how to deal with Greenwood Village & our HOA. These guys do make the  job fast & easy.”

Juan Dumaa

“My driveway & pool look great.”

Alex Velazquez

“Thanks so much to all our wonderful clients who have taken the time to leave such great testimonials. We truly appreciate and value the privilege of serving you.”
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