Don’t Let Denver Sidewalk Repairs Trip You Up!

August 23rd, 2018

Stone & Concrete offers sidewalk repairs and concrete project solutions you can afford!

We’ve all had it happen: you’re out for a walk and you trip over a cracked or raised sidewalk that needs a repair. That’s part of living in our lovely, older residential neighborhoods. But that’s about to change because Denver has started its sidewalk repair initiative. Over the next 10 years, Denver’s neighborhoods will be getting a sidewalk facelift. While these sidewalk repairs are the responsibility of homeowner’s, there’s no reason to panic. Stone & Concrete is here to help. We offer sidewalk repairs and other concrete project work to ensure your home’s value, beauty and safety endures every test of time—and that you continue to enjoy the shade of a large tree or the cooling shade offered by mature landscaping for years to come.

Because Colorado is prone to temperature extremes, it can take a toll on the hardscaping around your property. Not just sidewalks are affected, driveways, porches, patios and retaining walls can also bear the effects.

It’s important to get concrete sidewalks repaired because you might be liable for injuries on sidewalks in front of your home. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy for coverage.

If there is major damage to your concrete driveways or sidewalks. in addition to code violations and insurance issues, major damage to your concrete driveways or sidewalks can hurt the curb appeal of your property and may even cause a potential buyer to choose another home. Sidewalk repairs and concrete replacement projects can quickly solve those problems.

Stone & Concrete offers free estimates, and our experts will examine damage to your concrete driveways, sidewalks, and other areas to see if sidewalk repair is an option, or whether your damaged concrete needs replacement.

Call Stone & Concrete today at 303-287-0889 to learn more about concrete repair for your metro Denver home. We even offer financing!

Did you know: The City of Denver offers extended repayment assistance and affordability discounts for property owners who qualify with sidewalk repairs. The City is also authorizing less expensive repair methods not currently allowed, such as patching and grinding, in some instances. Talk to us today to learn more.

Denver City Sidewalk Repair Documents 

 Overview of Denver’s Program – Media-Meeting-Sidewalk-Repair-7-25-18

Map of the Regions that are planned – NSRP-region-maps- sidewalkrepair

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