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concrete resurfacing denverOver time, concrete surfaces can start to show their age. Normal wear and tear, mishaps, heavy vehicles, and the effects of Denver’s constantly changing weather can speed up the process.

Think about all of the concrete surfaces you have at your metro Denver home – sidewalks, driveways, parking pads, garage floors, basement floors, patios, porches, pool decks, walkways, and so on. Do the spots, pockmarks, and flaking on your garage or basement floor make you cringe every time you see them? Have you tripped over cracks and chips in your sidewalk, walkway or driveway? Damaged concrete increases the risk of slip and fall injuries on your property, which is typically the homeowner’s responsibility.

Concrete resurfacing can make your damaged concrete surfaces flat and look like they were freshly poured. Concrete resurfacing also increases the curb appeal of your metro Denver home if you are putting it on the market.

How does concrete resurfacing work? Concrete resurfacing is a process that adds and bonds a new surface over your existing concrete surface. We then apply a sealer to the new surface to protect it. The cost for resurfacing can be lower than replacing your concrete slabs because our crews don’t need to demolish and remove the old concrete.

Concrete resurfacing might not be an option for all concrete surfaces at your metro Denver home. Stone & Concrete has the equipment and skilled professionals to remove and replace your existing concrete if that is the better choice. Either way, we want you to be satisfied.

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