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July 29th, 2019

We can create an easy care oasis with a concrete patio Denver

Adding a decorative concrete patio Denver to your backyard gives your family a great outdoor space and increases the value of your home. In fact, landscaping and three-season outdoor living spaces can add as much as 20% to your property value, which makes an outdoor upgrade a solid financial choice too. Concrete patios are easy to maintain, can stand up to our ever-changing weather conditions, and can be shaped to fit your yard and its specific characteristics.

Concrete patios Denver are great for outdoor kitchens and living spaces, complete with cozy seating areas, grills, fire pits, and water features. Concrete patios Denver come in a host of colors, textures, and patterns to complement your style. Stamped concrete can replicate the appearance of brick, tile, slate and stone, so you get the look you want without having to deal with weeds and grass constantly poking through the gaps.

A little planning goes a long way when deciding where to place your concrete patio. How do you want to use your patio? Is there an area in your backyard that has spectacular views of the mountains? Are you planning to host outdoor parties? Will you be dining outside? Do you need an area for grilling or food prep? Are you looking for a quiet, private space away from your neighbors for relaxing, reading, or napping? We have pictures of completed concrete patio projects to help you decide just how—and where—you want to place your concrete patio.

When it comes to decorating concrete patios, the sky is the limit. Furniture, accessories, fountains, garden sculptures, plants, flowers, trellises, and lighting are just a few of the ideas to consider. And you should know that concrete patios Denver typically cost less than patios made of natural stone or brick and require little maintenance.

Stone & Concrete’s experts will help you plan the perfect concrete patio Denver for your home. Call us today at 303-287-0889 for a free estimate.

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