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When you think about curb appeal for your metro Denver home, don’t overlook your concrete walkway, sidewalk, and other hardscapes. Gray may be the most common color for a concrete walkway, but Denver area homeowners have other options. Stone & Concrete offers artistic and decorative alternatives that can transform a concrete walkway from boring to sensational

We all think of walkways having a practical purpose – a path through or around your property. Walkways can also be ornamental. Just as flowers can add a personal touch to your home, concrete walkways can be stamped, stained, colored, or personalized in a variety of ways. Concrete can take on the appearance of stones – think cobblestones, castle stones, flagstones, and so on.

For Denver homeowners in need of a new concrete walkway, Stone & Concrete has the expertise and equipment to install it for you. We can install straight walkways, curved walkways, or customize the shape to fit your needs. We can also incorporate walkway designs into other projects, like patios or pool decks.

If you have existing plain concrete walkways, we can apply a variety of decorative products. You decide on the creative flair you want to add to your property. We can apply stamps and other decorative products to your concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios, and pool decks at the same time. You can select colors and patterns that highlight your home, enhance planting areas, or fit your personality. For ideas, visit our gallery. 

If you have concrete walkways that are rough shape, our specialists can check them out and recommend whether they should be repaired, resurfaced, or removed and replaced. We offer concrete repair, resurfacing, and removal services.

Call Stone & Concrete today at 303-287-0889 for a free estimate. We want to make sure you have the perfect concrete walkways to suit your lifestyle and budget.

What our customers are saying:

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    "We used stone and concrete for some detail concrete, brick and cast Iron work on a 100 y/o Park Hill home. We were extremely satisfied with the work and professionalism with all of Stone and Concrete workers. We had a supervision onsite for all of the work - the owner of the company was also onsite at least once a day to assist when needed. Once the work started there was no work delays and the work continued through completion. There were quite a lot of details to the work which turned out quite nicely."


    Martin F via Yelp May 29, 2018

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